Saturday, February 21, 2009

No "More Ovaltine, Please!"

Our boys, never lovers of plain white milk, have developed a loooooove for Ovaltine. At our visit to the pediatrician this week I was encouraged to get them off the Ovaltine. I've been thinking about it for a while - the extra sugar we could certainly live without. Anyway, I'm happy to report we're about four days without Ovaltine and doing just fine. Every morning Tate says, "Teen please" but he still is able to live with the plain white milk.

In addition, we were told to get Eben off his sippy cup. Oh how that boy loves his sippy cups! But, once again, he's impressed and surprised me with his ability to LET GO. Oh, also, can't fail to mention that Eben's finally reached roller coaster height - 42 inches!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Catching up: Tyler on a bike!

Finally we got Tyler on a bike! Thanks Dad-dad and Gamma for an awesome first bike! Tyler hasn't been on a bike at all in about a year. We really felt like it was time for her to get on one without training wheels but she was pretty hesitant at first. But, taking advantage of lots of bike riding space at my parent's house, Scott got her on that bike and now she's good to go. Tyler has a great work ethic - if she has a goal in mind, she will fight to reach it. More pictures and/or video to come!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Catching up: Soccer

Tyler and Eben played soccer during November and December. For both it soccer was a new sport and it was Eben's first venture into team sports. We really had fun seeing the kids learn new skills. At four years old, Eben's team had more fun falling on the field in mid-stride and Eben could often be seen running alongside another player, from his team or the opposing team, and patting on the back while saying something encouraging. His usual spot was a few strides behind everyone else but after every game he was still under the impression that he had made a goal! His team was red, the "Rock Stars" and he was #4.

With Tyler it was exciting to see her take on a new sport and really stick with the team. She ran hard and at her age it was a lot of running! For her age group they did keep score and had goalies (not for Eben though) and her team won nearly every game! Tyler loved playing goalie and worked hard with a lot of concentration for every minute she was on the field. As usual, she also managed to make lots of friends! Her team changed names mid-season but I think they finished up as the Purple Panthers - she was #12.

Catching up: Thanksgiving

Over Thanksgiving break, we took a little family trip (see pictures from a children's museum and a historic train depot) and then met up with Nona and Pop-pops for Thanksgiving at Belhaven! Apparently I was pretty busy eating because there aren't any pictures from our yummy meal (thanks, Nona)!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Photo Shoot

Aunt Lindsay was kind enough to do a super speedy photo shoot of the kids over Christmas. I'm still moving them onto my computer but here are a few ...

Why you shouldn't leave your kids alone with aunts and uncles ...

Here's a little video I found on my camera - yes, this is Tyler's aunt and her two uncles.

Wii is fun! (and who knew Suzy knew Red Hot Chili Peppers!?!)

We spent Christmas in Orlando with a house full of Osbornes! Most of our time was filled with playing Wii - Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Olympics and WiiSports. We can't wait to get a Wii! Here are some pics of the kids thinking they are doing Rock Band. And a gem of a video (if lacking in quality) - Suzy who somehow knew all the words to Red Hot Chili Peppers "California"!